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CodeTwo are experts in their field and their Exchange and Outlook products are excellent - from the user’s interface, right down to the engine.

Diane Poremsky
Microsoft MVP (Office Apps & Services)

I’m confident that administrators would be saved a great deal of configuration headaches if they used CodeTwo solutions.

J. Peter Bruzzese
Microsoft MVP (Office Servers and Services)

The ability to securely assign individual users management of signatures without enabling any Exchange administrative rights, and using Azure AD as SSO, makes CodeTwo secure.

William Bressette
Microsoft MVP (Failover Clustering)

I really like CodeTwo products. Things that used to be a pain, suddenly become easy as 1, 2, 3.

Ratish Nair
Microsoft MVP (Office Servers and Services)

As a Microsoft trainer, I never hesitate to recommend CodeTwo products while conducting sessions on Office 365.

Kamil Bączyk
Microsoft MVP (Office Apps & Services)

CodeTwo programmers are perfectionists who are passionate about what they do. That’s all it takes to create products that every company wants.

Emil Wasilewski
Microsoft MVP (Microsoft Azure)

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Nowość: CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter

Opublikowane 30.10.2020 przez Paweł Socha

Mamy dobre wieści dla wszystkich administratorów zarządzających stopkami przez CodeTwo Exchange Rules i Exchange Rules Pro. Właśnie wydaliśmy nowe narzędzie – CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter. Pozwala ono przenieść reguły skonfigurowane w programach z serii CodeTwo Exchange Rules do CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Dzięki temu, jeśli migrujesz swoją organizację z Exchange’a do chmury Microsoft […]

Artykuł Nowość: CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter pochodzi z serwisu CodeTwo Squad Blog...